Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Two New Workshops

I have two new photography workshops coming up on Saturday, July 25th. The morning program will cover Speedlights and Portable Light Modifiers. The session will show you how to achieve professional results with light weight and easy to travel with lighting equipment. The afternoon session is shoot the models to build your portfolio or just experiment with your light. Two professional models will be available to work with along with suggestions if you request it.. Contact the Center For Photographic Art, in Huntington, NY. Or Berger Bros Camera for reservations and prices. 631-421-2200

    Just received the new Spider Hand Strap. The most comfortable hand strap available to date. I got the basic black, however, other colors will be available soon.
Fits with most camera brackets. I'm using it with the L brackets by ProMedia Gear.

   One is installed on my D600 the other my D800. Also can be used with the Black Rapid strap. All the attachments necessary come with the unit. Gives you a secure hold on your DSLR without restricting the cameras controls. Easy installation and completely adjustable for position and Hand size.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Rapid Box meets tripod

I planned a location shoot at a train station durning the start of evening rush hour.
Both time and space for set-up and shooting were limited. Also it was just the model and myself on location.
I need to travel light and contained. I set up my D800 with a14 - 24 mm f2.8 lens, along with my Manfrotto tripod and Arca-Swiss ball head, plus a base plate with a 5/8" stud. My tripod was going to be my light stand. The wide stance of the legs made for a more stable lighting platform, incase of any wind. Wireless shooting was a must, so I used an Odin TTL transmitter and receiver with a Nikon SB 950 mounted on the 10x24 Westcott Rapid Box. The Rapid Box is the perfect light modifier for location shooting. Opening like an umbrella with a bracket attachment designed to accommodate a variety of Flashes and wireless attachments along with it's size I was able to achieved the soft lighting I was looking for while attaining the quick set and breakdown I needed. The concept was simple, a business women returning from a long day at work and having just gotten off the over packed 5:10 local.
I shot late in the afternoon, however, the sky and background were still to bright. I used a Hi speed sync of 1/5000 at ISO 400 and F/3.2 to retain color in the sky and background while the flash kept even light on Adrianna. The lens focal length was set at 17mm. In Post I made a lens correction for distortion and cropped the image.

Monday, April 13, 2015

News Flash!!

After 3 1/2 years, I no longer work at B&H Photo. This is a good thing and we parted on good terms.
They were kind enough to move me to the phones when I had a problem with staying on my feet to long because of my knees. However, along with this came from working in one department, Pro Photo (DSLR Cameras) to handling, Lighting, including Studio lighting, Tripods, Bags, Film, Consumer Photo and Flashlights. My phone never stopped ringing and it was impossible to known all the products. It was taking a toll on my health, and I was missing allot of work days. So this works out for both of us, and I'm still a B&H Affiliate and customer. And now I can enter through the front door wearing shorts.

Another Big Change in Equipment!

Pocket Wizard to Phottix Odin Wireless TTL Triggers.

After watching the Odin in action, I felt that they
were on the right track with wireless Systems for
my Nikon as well as Canon and Sony. They retained all the features such as TTL, Channels and Groups, I had with my Pocket Wizards, but at a better price. This allowed me to add more receives for my additional Nikon Flashes.
 Phottix has two flashes of their own with TTL and Built-in Receivers. Both can be purchased with full compatibility to Nikon and Canon, and at better prices then the current units from the Manufacturer. Along with the Flash units they designed the Indra 500 Studio Strobe with TTL and Built-in Receivers, and soon to be released 300. All are available at B&H Photo http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1089949-REG/phottix_indra500_ttl_studio_light.html.
This company seems to have a solid handle on the Radio Trigger and Studio lighting market. One time getting all these different units to work together was an impossible task, especially combining TTL.

Updated L Bracket From Kirk to Promedia Gear.

 I traded in my Kirk L Brackets on my D800
and D600 for the ones designed by Promedia
Gear http://www.promediagear.com.
I find them easier to use when accessing the battery door and USB and accressory ports.
Designed to be compatable with any Arca-Swiss style Ball Head. 
Machined from  solid Aluminium T6061 block, and black anodized for a scratch resistant finish. The vertical piece of the L- Bracket can be removed, which allowss for the use of the base plate only. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I'll be teaching a Boudoir Workshop on Saturday, March 14th at the Center for Photographic Art
in Huntington, NY.  To Register call 516-762-3056 or go to http://www.berger-bros.com/Berger_Bros_Classes.htm
Space is limited. A professional model and make-up artist will be on hand so this will be an excellent opportunity to get some images for your portfolio.