Saturday, July 30, 2011

Marissa and The Magic Slipper.

I recently obtained the FJ Westcott Magic Slipper Asymmetrical Strip Bank kit by Bruce Dron.  I contact model Marrisa Centrella and set up a shooting date to try out my newest acquisition. Several days later we headed off to a near by Art Museum that included outdoor displays and gardens. Our first location I used several times before, it gives the
Impression of connected stairs, when in reality each section is just a separate box shape with a few inches in between and on different angles form one another. The only light source I used was a Nikon SB900 with a Pocket Wizard each attached to the Magic Slipper’s all metal base plate with a cold shoe. The Asymmetrical Stripbank attached to a rotating adapter ring making it easy to adjust. The whole unit fits on a light stand with the included tilter bracket. The size and shape produced beautiful softlight and was compact and easy to handle as we made our way around the gardens. Our second location provided some shading and a structure with a built in staircase. With the Sun behind Merissa and blocked by some trees I used the Magic Slipper kit in a vertical configuration to light her. Overall the Magic Slipper works great outdoors and I assume even better in a studio.


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