Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Big Change in Equipment!

Pocket Wizard to Phottix Odin Wireless TTL Triggers.

After watching the Odin in action, I felt that they
were on the right track with wireless Systems for
my Nikon as well as Canon and Sony. They retained all the features such as TTL, Channels and Groups, I had with my Pocket Wizards, but at a better price. This allowed me to add more receives for my additional Nikon Flashes.
 Phottix has two flashes of their own with TTL and Built-in Receivers. Both can be purchased with full compatibility to Nikon and Canon, and at better prices then the current units from the Manufacturer. Along with the Flash units they designed the Indra 500 Studio Strobe with TTL and Built-in Receivers, and soon to be released 300. All are available at B&H Photo
This company seems to have a solid handle on the Radio Trigger and Studio lighting market. One time getting all these different units to work together was an impossible task, especially combining TTL.

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