Friday, April 24, 2015

Rapid Box meets tripod

I planned a location shoot at a train station durning the start of evening rush hour.
Both time and space for set-up and shooting were limited. Also it was just the model and myself on location.
I need to travel light and contained. I set up my D800 with a14 - 24 mm f2.8 lens, along with my Manfrotto tripod and Arca-Swiss ball head, plus a base plate with a 5/8" stud. My tripod was going to be my light stand. The wide stance of the legs made for a more stable lighting platform, incase of any wind. Wireless shooting was a must, so I used an Odin TTL transmitter and receiver with a Nikon SB 950 mounted on the 10x24 Westcott Rapid Box. The Rapid Box is the perfect light modifier for location shooting. Opening like an umbrella with a bracket attachment designed to accommodate a variety of Flashes and wireless attachments along with it's size I was able to achieved the soft lighting I was looking for while attaining the quick set and breakdown I needed. The concept was simple, a business women returning from a long day at work and having just gotten off the over packed 5:10 local.
I shot late in the afternoon, however, the sky and background were still to bright. I used a Hi speed sync of 1/5000 at ISO 400 and F/3.2 to retain color in the sky and background while the flash kept even light on Adrianna. The lens focal length was set at 17mm. In Post I made a lens correction for distortion and cropped the image.

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